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Πέμπτη, 10 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Logger32 - Latest upgrade to 3.35

Κυκλοφόρησε η αναβάθμιση του Logger32 v3.35 για όσους έχουν ήδη εγκατεστημένο το v3.34.x

Οι αναβαθμίσεις είναι οι εξής, με χρονολογική σειρά:

Release change notes for Ver 3.35.0 as of....... 23 Oct 2011

1) Added MultiRX to the MMVARI engine. This feature adds up to 24 multiple receive/decode
channels across the visible spectrum bandwidth.
2) Fixed bug: QSO edit functions in the Logbook Page Window.
3) Fixed bug: No caption on the Work Confirmed Window.
4) Fixed bug: Callsign highlight problem on the Sound Card Data Window.
5) Fixed bug: Logbook Backups were not working after each QSO.
6) Fixed bug: ADIF FREQ_RX was not included in a logbook ADIF export file
7) Fixed bug where Data terminal Macros were being saved with the same caption as the
Sound card window
8) "OK QSL by" field added to HamQTH ADIF lookup.
9) have now added an ADIF lookup that Logger32 can access directly (the button
between the Internet lookup ( and CD ROM Lookup). Changes made to the Internet
lookup (internal) window (new menus added)
10) Added a MultiRX menu to the Sound Card Data Window. This menu item is only visible
when running MMVARI.
11) added to the external interface.
12) Bug fix – Quick QSL window
13) Bug fix: when operating RTTY with MultiRX, sub-channels now use the same RTTY decoding,
IIR or FFT, as channel 0 (the main receiver).
14) Bug Fix: Logbook Focus problem when editing the administration info menu.
15) Changes made to external interface. Message 106 added
17) Changes made to the ALFA 87A interface.
18) Bug Fixes to the MultiRX function in the MMVARI machine.

Logger 32 Version 3.35.000
2011 Oct 24

Countries / Prefixes Database Updates
** Added specific callsigns:

to FY (French Guiana)
KC4\A (Antarctica)
KC4\A (Antarctica)
VK0M\M (Macquarie Island)
VK9\LH (Lord Howe Island)

** Deleted specific callsign:

<9M6SDX> from 1S (remove from Spratly)
UA2 (remove from Kaliningrad)

** Thanks to: Constantin, UA1AKE

Bud, W2RU
Keeper of the C/P Database

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