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Τρίτη, 2 Οκτωβρίου 2012

7Z7AB – Al-Dhahrah Island, AS-190 – NEW

7Z7AB – Al-Dhahrah Island, AS-190 – NEW, DXpedition 

A team consisting of HZ1BF, 7Z1CQ, 7Z1SJ, HZ1MD, HZ1BW, HZ1HN, HZ1AR, HZ1DG, HZ1FS and HZ1TL will activate Al-Dhahrah Island AS-190 using the callsign 7Z7AB. 

The DXpedition will start on 2012/10/05 until 2012/10/11.

The 7Z7AB will be active all band from 10m to 160m also 80m. PHONE, RTTY and CW.
Team Leader HZ1BF, QSL Manager 7Z1CQ

Official web site: 

Καλό … βόλι, 73


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