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Τετάρτη, 3 Οκτωβρίου 2012

Logger32 Upgrade to version 3.41.0

Κυκλοφόρησε η νέα έκδοση του γνωστού Logger32 η 3.41.0. Όσοι έχετε ήδη εγκατεστημένο το Logger32 version 3.40.Χ θα κατεβάσετε μόνο την αναβάθμιση.

Οι αλλαγές που θα βρείτε στη Ver 3.41.0 είναι οι ακόλουθες:

Changed the code so that importing QSOs of the same time now increments the time
by one second. Previously the time was incremented by one clock tick, so exporting
the records gave duplicate times again (the granularity of ADIF time is one second)

Bug fix: Clusters that do not terminate the login prompt with a line feed (the
blinking cursor remains on the login prompt line) will now work.


Bug fix: Prevent incorrect beam headings and tooltips when clicking on a DX Spot.

Change made to address a potential problem on the Internet lookup window looping.
Changes made to tighten up the Internet Lookup (HamQTH) code. It should be a little
faster now.

Changes made to the way the Local Host and Telnet tabs on the Cluster/Telnet Window
are captioned (when connected/not connected). The Cluster Window the caption of the
Local Host tab now shows the shortcut name the user has set.

Change to the Sound Card: There is an enhancement to the Default Audio frequency.
This allows the user to select a new default frequency to adjust the signal point
to compensate for different filter bandpass when changing filters in the transceiver.
When running MMTTY AFSK the default Tx audio frequency is ignored. The tx frequency
is either set to the HAM default, or if net is on, it follows the Rx frequency. So,
as default Tx audio has no meaning/function in MMTTY, all reference has been removed.

Added new functions antenna rotor operation.: Home position and preset headings are
now configurable.

Added function -- On the Logbook Entry Window, with a STATE, County or IOTA entered,
a right click on the ? will open a generic QSO window showing all QSO's with that

Change made to the HamQTH lookup: ignore the QTH, and County when the callsign
includes a modifier?

Change made to the DX Spot callsign filters. More Callsign highlight and user
options added to Audio Alert setup window.

Bug fix: cannot export a partiallog to a csv file for input into excel.

Bug fix: Changes made to the accuracy of the database filecreation timestamp.

Bug fix: Corrupt data being placed in the ADIF Audit Trail file Data/Time fields.

Bug fix: DXCC worked/confirmed highlights on the DX Activity window to show
incorrectly as worked instead of confirmed.

The on-line-submission ADIF is now output in alphabetical call order.

Logger 32 Version 3.41.000
2012 Aug 10

Countries / Prefixes Database Updates

** Changed Primary Prefix for these DXCC Entities:

ZK2 to E6 (Niue. Effective 2012 Aug 3, per ARRL Letter.)

** Added prefix blocks ZQ2 & ZQ3 to ZB (Gibraltar)

** Added specific callsigns:

<9m4sll> to 1S (Spratly)
FJ (Saint Barthelemy)
FM (Martinique)
FO\A (Austral Islands)
FO\M (Marquesas Islands)
FP (St. Pierre & Miquelon Islands)
R (European Russia)
R (European Russia)
R (European Russia)

** Deleted specific callsigns:

ZB (Gibraltar)
ZB (Gibraltar)

** Thanks to Constantin, UA1AKE

Bud, W2RU
Keeper of the C/P Databa

IOtA changes, thanks to G3NPA

Withdrawal of EU-155 from IOTA List

In a previous news item (28 October 2011) we reported that, following information received from a local operator in Italy that the only two islands listed as qualifying for EU-155, Baron and Scanno di Piallazza, no longer existed, we would not be accepting for credit any new operations claiming to take place from EU-155 pending a final check. This has now been carried out and it confirms the report. Under IOTA rules we have no option but to withdraw EU-155 from the list of valid IOTA groups and to amend scores down. However we have noted that the Po Delta is a remarkably fragile natural environment with a varying sedimentation rate influenced by river flow, tide and storm and have not ruled out the possibility of one of the islands reforming in time. In the circumstances, we have decided to remove EU-155 credit from all scores on 1 September 2012 but to retain the QSO information on the database in a non-counting format in case the situation should change. We will review the position periodically. In the meantime, while credit will not be given for new operations, we will allow credit for pre-October 2011 operations for certificate purposes only in applications received before 1 September 2012.


Malyy Vysotskiy Island and EU-117

Following the decision by the ARRL to delete Malyy Vysotskiy Island (MVI) from the current DXCC list as of 17 February 2012 the IOTA Committee has considered action to be taken with regard to the future of EU-117. The presence of MVI in the IOTA list as a separate group was originally justified by its separate DXCC Entity status under Rule E.5.5, so the island's deletion now calls for action from IOTA. The programme does not maintain a Deleted Groups List to record contacts by participants with deleted IOTA groups in a form similar to the DXCC Deleted Entities List. Faced with the prospect of a straight deletion of EU-117 and incorporation of the island into the EU-133 list, the Committee formulated an alternative course of action involving the transfer of a section of the EU-133 ‘box’ to EU-117, so avoiding deletion. It put the alternatives to an enlarged IOTA management group involving for the first time the 22 checkpoints. The consultation produced a clear majority in favour of splitting EU-133 to form two groups within the Gulf of Finland, North and South. The dividing line has been set at 60 degrees, 15 minutes north. The islands now constituting the two groups can be seen via the Search facility on this page. This change, which has an effective date backdated to 17 February 2012, means that past credits for MVI will continue to stand and new opportunities are created for contacting EU-117. Record-holders need take no action regarding existing credits as they will not be deleted as a consequence of this change, nor in the case of EU-133 credits need they be transferred unless requested. The Committee believes this to be an imaginative solution in the best interests of the programme.
G3KMA, 16 Jun 2012


Group Name: Gulf of Finland North Group

Claimed by: 77.0% of participants.

Main prefix: R1A;R1B;R1C;R1M

Location: 60.25N - 60.65N / 27.58E - 28.72E


Group Contains:

Bol'shoy Berezovyy
Khallikarti [ AKA Halli ]
Kiuskari [ AKA Bol'shoy Fiskar Isls ]
Kuurinsaari [ AKA Naparnik ]
Malyy Vysotskiy
Rondo [ AKA Ruonti ]
Severnyy Berezovyy
Zapadnyy Berezovyy

Group Excludes:


Group Name: Gulf of Finland South group

Claimed by: 65.8% of participants.

Main prefix: R1A;R1B;R1C

Location: 59.47N - 60.25N / 26.62E - 30.23E


Group Contains:

Bol'shoy Tyuters
Gogland [ AKA Sur Sari ]
Malyy Tyuters
Mayak Tolbukhin
Narvi [ AKA Nerva ]
Seskar [ AKA Lesnoy ]
Sankt Peterburg / Leningradskaya Oblast. Not Sankt-Peterburg City islands or Lake Ladoga islands.

73's de SV8/SV1CDY

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