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Τετάρτη, 10 Απριλίου 2013

Logger32 Upgrade to V. 3.45.38

Πριν από μόλις δεκαπέντε μέρες ήταν όταν κυκλοφόρησε η τελευταία ενημέρωση – αναβάθμιση του γνωστού λογισμικού Logger32! Έτσι λοιπόν αισίως περάσαμε από την 3.44.09 στην 3.45 και τώρα στην 3.45.38. Αν για κάποιο λόγο δεν έχετε εγκαταστήσει την 3.45 δεν πειράζει, αφού η 3.45.38 είναι η 3.45 με κάποιες διορθώσεις, οπότε δεν είναι ανάγκη να ψάξετε για προηγούμενες. Αρκετές και άκρως ενδιαφέρουσες οι αλλαγές και οι προσθήκες για τις οποίες μπορείτε να διαβάσετε πιο κάτω.

Changes for Logger32 version 3.45.38

Radio Control Panel

1) Added visual and audible alert for split operation.
2) Added #modeModifier# function to allow setting of receiver bandwidth command for operating mode when
in Split operation. This function can also be used for other radio changes.
3) Added “Clear on QSY” option. When checked the Log Entry will clear and the radio will revert to
simplex if in split.

Logbook Entry window

4) Added visual indication of Split operation.

Logbook window

5) Bug fix. eQSL records will not sync properly in a combined multi-call logbook.

Callsign Lookup

6) Added the capability to send E-Mail or click on a URL when visible in the Lookup window.

CW Machine

7) Added $lookup$ macro for callsign lookup, PTT by Radio Command option and Entry field to show Sent

Sound Card Data window

8) A Change has been made in the way that the Sound card audio offset selection operates in the Sound
Card Data window. Audio offset is not applied when RTTY FSK is selected in MMVARI and MMTTY.
9) Added capabilities to open 2Tone RTTY decode window with both the main and SO2R/SO2V windows.

Telnet Cluster and DX Spot windows

10) Scrolling with the mouse wheel or scroll bar will now freeze the incoming spots. Any activity on
these panes (mouse down or scroll) freezes incoming DX Spots up to 10 seconds, allowing time to find
and click on a spot.
11) Added audio and color alerts for user specified text in the comments column of the DX Spot window.

Worked Confirmed window

12) Upper left hand cell will reflect year mode: ALL or Current year

Award Tracking

13) Added a new function that allows users to do batch updates of QSL cards received and convert them
from submitted status to: granted. This function supports DXCC and IOTA.

External Interface

14) Message #109 has been added to the external interface. This message is sent when an auto-lookup is triggered.


15) Added Zoom feature using mouse wheel.

Logger32 Version 3.45.000 - 2013 March 23

Countries / Prefixes Database Updates

**  Added specific callsigns:

<3d2ro>      = 3D2\R          (Rotuma)
<3d2rx>       = 3D2\R (Rotuma)
       = FG   (Guadeloupe)
       = FR    (Reunion)
       = KC4\A (Antarctica)

** Added prefix:

Z6 (Kosevo) = Not accepted for DXCC

**  Added new Offset prefixes for European Russia (R):

              R1K  Rep. of Karelia (KL)
              R4Z   Chuvash Rep. (CU)
              R6T   Stavropol (ST)
              R7T   Stavropol (ST)

**  Modified existing Offset prefix for European Russia (R):

              R1E  Leningrad (LO)

Thanks to Constantin, UA1AKE

Bud, W2RU
Keeper of the C/P Database

Logger32 screenshot


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