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Δευτέρα, 29 Απριλίου 2013

Noble Radio NR-6N4 SSB, CW Two Band 6 and 4 meters VHF Transceiver

Η πρώτη ανάρτηση για αυτή την εβδομάδα είναι αφιερωμένη σε έναν καινούργιο πομποδέκτη, που ήρθε για να καλύψει ένα κενό που υπήρχε, αυτό των τεσσάρων μέτρων.

Ο Noble Radio NR-6N4 είναι ένας πομποδέκτης που κατασκευάζεται στις ΗΠΑ και που έλειπε από την αγορά, αφού περιέχει την μπάντα των 4 μέτρων, στα mode SSB και CW.
Πιο συγκεκριμένα είναι ένας πομποδέκτης DualBand και Multimode για τις VHF μπάντες των έξι και των τεσσάρων μέτρων.

Ακολουθούν τα τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά του Noble Radio NR-6N4 και αν υπάρχουν κάποια σημεία που χρήζουν ιδιαίτερης αναφοράς αυτά είναι πρώτον η χαμηλή ισχύ εξόδου που δεν ξεπερνά τα 20 Watt και δεύτερον η τσουχτερή τιμή του!!!


Preliminary Technical Specifications*


Frequency Coverage:
4M: 69.9 MHz to 70.5 MHz
6M: 50.0 MHz to 52.0 MHz
Modes: SSB (USB & LSB) and CW

Circuit Type:
Downconverting Design
Dual Conversion: 1 st IF: 10.7 MHz 2 nd IF: 25 kHz
Sideband elimination using phasing techniques with digitally generated Quadrature carriers and Image Reject Mixers preceeded by 15 kHz crystal roofing filters
Ultimate receiver bandwidth set by adjustable SCAF filters (two 8 th order filters used. One for High Cut and one for Low cut)

MDS = -130 dbm

Dynamic Range Figures:
Blocking: 110 db
IMD (3 rd Order) = 95 db

500 Hz to 4 kHz adjustable with the SCAF filters
Ultimate attenuation of filters are 55db or better


Frequency Coverage:
4M: 69.9 MHz to 70.5 MHz
6M: 50.0 MHz to 52.0 MHz
Modes: SSB (USB & LSB) and CW
SCAF Filters can be used to tailor SSB Transmit audio.


SYNTHESIZER: DDS/PLL synthesizer with 10 Hz minimum step size. Tuning rate is variable depending on the Tuning Knob speed (Variable Speed Tuning - VST)
MEMORIES: 10 Memories per band
ANTENNA IMPEDANCE: 50 ohms unbalanced
SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 11.5 to 14 Volts Regulated DC (Negative Ground) at approximately 3.6 Amps at full output power.
DIMENSIONS: 8 in (203 mm)W x 12 in (305 mm) D- including knob and heatsink x 3.75 in (95 mm) H - including feet
WEIGHT: Approximately 4 lbs (1.8 kg)


The NR-6N4 has the capability of being controlled by a standard PC type keyboard that plugs into a rear connector. Once a keyboard is interfaced to the radio, it can be used to directly enter a frequency, skip directly to various functions by a single press of a function key without having to navigate the menus from the front panel buttons as well as being used to send CW via the keyboard. There is also a built in keyer function that operates with a standard keyer paddle for CW operation with or without a keyboard connection.

The low level 10.7 MHz IF signal is also brought out to a rear connector so that it may be used for panadapter or SDR applications.

* All specifications in this document may be subject to change without notice or obligation

The price is expected to be around $800

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